Nadine Nakagawa is a community organizer and local activist.

She was elected to New Westminster City Council in 2018 and serves on the Affordable Housing and Childcare Task Force, the Climate and Environment Task Force, and is the chair of the Reconciliation, Social Inclusion, and Engagement Task Force. Nadine chairs the Environment Advisory Committee and is the council rep on the Youth Advisory Committee. Along with her colleague Chinu Das, she is one of the first people of colour to ever serve on New West City Council. Nadine is also the first millennial elected to council and a renter in the Brow of the Hill.

Before being elected to council, Nadine worked on issues relating to housing, public spaces, reconciliation, public engagement, and childcare. For her work in the community, Nadine was named the 2017 Citizen of the Year at the Chamber of Commerce Platinum Awards. In 2020, she was a finalist for the Breaking Barriers Award at BC’s Multiculturalism and Anti-Racism awards. She co-owns a consulting business called Ablaze Services, is a co-founder of Feminist Campaign School, and has a Masters Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. When not working on community projects, Nadine prances with delight towards patches of wildflowers, is fond of skirts and dresses that encourage twirling, and can be found hugging trees and embracing whimsy. She is also a creative writer, curls at the Royal City Curling Club, and snuggling her two cow-patterned cats Bill and Moo.

Community Projects and Volunteer Work

Women on Wednesdays

BC Public Interest Advocacy Centre
Board Member

Truth & Reconciliation New West 
Working Group Member 

Brow of the Hill Residents Association 

Paint New West Beautiful

Yes In New West Housing Advocacy Group 
Founding Member

Mayor’s Task Force on Public Engagement 
Community Representative

Environmental Advisory Committee of New Westminster 
Community Representative

Multiculturalism Advisory Committee of New Westminster 
Community Representative

New Westminster Environmental Partners 
Board Member

Community and Social Issues Committee of New Westminster
Community Representative

Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre 
Strategic Planning Facilitator

Blanket BC
Director, Volunteer Coordinator 

Lookout Emergency Aid Society 
Community Kitchen Coordinator
Tenant Selection Committee Member

Multiculturalism Advisory Committee of New Westminster 
Community Representative

Elizabeth Fry Society of the Lower Mainland 
Drop-In Centre Volunteer