My perspective

It’s the most common issue I hear on the doorstep and a constant topic of conversation on social media and in my peer group. We are in a housing crisis. 

Often, the conversation seems to become focused on a silver bullet solution, but the housing crisis is complex and requires a multi-faceted approach that will require all levels of government to work together. 

We cannot choose to put a moratorium on development – doing so will only push our friends, our children and grandchildren, and members of our community out to the Fraser Valley where housing is incrementally cheaper, but where they will put additional pressures on our road networks as they commute through our city. It will have a negative effect on the environment, hollow out our community, and increase social isolation. 

More than ever, housing issues are affecting diverse members of our community. I believe we need to prioritize housing for the most vulnerable by working with members of the community who are experiencing homelessness and housing insecurity. We need options for people purchasing their first home or upsizing to meet their family’s needs. We need to make sure that seniors can age in the community they call home and that there is appropriate and accessible housing available for those who need it. We need to do all this while still balancing the need for green space and livability. We need to increase the rental vacancy rate to at least 3% to relieve pressure on renters. We need implement inclusionary zoning to create purpose-built rental and advocate for changes to the Residential Tenancy Act to protect renters against renovictions. And we need to view housing as a right.

 My vision is for a connected and welcoming community that remains livable and vibrant where everyone has safe housing that meets their needs.

My experience 

I have worked with hundreds of women and children who were homeless and I have supported seniors who want to age in their homes. I also have experience working with people with disabilities and mobility challenges whose housing situation didn’t meet their needs. I’ve organized townhalls on housing affordability and on renovictions. I’ve helped community members find information relating to their rights as tenants and landlords. I’ve advocated for missing middle housing and organized hackathons to generate new ideas to address the housing crisis.